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    In the last few years several local firms have been acquired, like the Hnake group, by national firms such as BKD.
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    Grant Thornton is one of the large national firms occupying the size ladder below the Big Four.l
  • Padgett Stratemann is now RMS
    As San Antonio becomes a bigger player in Texas Business, more national firms are entering this market. A national firm does not start from zero. RMS ( purchased Padgett. This gives the buyer a large client base to start with. Typically the local partners have made a handsome profit on their time at the firm. But seeking to recoup the investment, the buyer typically raises fees knowing some business will be lost. RMS has re located from North Loop 410 to 1604 and 281. Renee Foshee, a tax expert with the firm, is the current SA CPA Society President.
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    Terry Cleveland has addressed our students. Two of our graduates are employed with at this firm.
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    Weaver is one of the largest Texas based Accounting Firms.
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    Kim Ford has addressed our students. She has expanded her practice from tax and write up to forensic investigation and court testimony.
  • Fisher Herbst and Kemble P. C.
    Bruce Howard who was on our Business Advisory Council was the Officer Manger for this firm.
  • Ridout Barrett CPAs
    Tony Ridout has visited and addressed our students many times. We have placed graduates with Ridout for several years.

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  • Aventine Hill Partners, Inc.
    Beth Hair CEO founded Aventine in San Antonio in 2009. The firm now has offices in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. She formerly was with RGP.
  • Resource Global Professionals
    Susan Hough has been to campus and spoken to our students. She is the San Antonio Manager of RGP. RGP and Aventine are not CPA firms. Instead they offer contract specialists for firms needing specific tasks such as compliance or Controllerships.

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    This Austin, TX based site was begun by an ex Texas State Professor.

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  • San Antonio Ragtimne Society
    This is an organization that sponsors the only annual Ragtime Festival in Texas. A TAMUSA student is an active member.
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San Antonio Ragtime Society

  • San Antonio Ragtimne Society
    This is an organization that sponsors the only annual Ragtime Festival in Texas. A TAMUSA student is an active member.


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June 28, 2009


Harrison Belt

A few years ago my father was auditing a French company's manufacturing plant based in Nuevo Laredo and had to be escorted every morning over the border by armed gaurds in bulletproof cars. When I asked my father why they would build a plant there he said it was because with enough bribes the Mexican government did not care what kind of ecological impact that the plant would have and that most countries would never let them in. What goes on south of us can be a real problem sometimes


I believe that the one way to put and end to the drug cartel and the drug wars is to bombard them with military force. But i guess that will not happen until something really trajic happens to an amercian official or someone of significant importance. I guess we would have helped Mexico out in putting an end to their drug problems if we had interest, just like we are doing now in the middle east(oil).

Dennis Elam

This is precisely why Gates wants no part of this. South American countries are notorious for mixing military with police matters giving the military control over the civilian population.

Johnny Depp'latest movie is apparently an artistic take on the Dillinger story. I cannot imagine Dillinger conceiving of killing 11,000 people. Yet that is what has happened. Just how would this military force differentiate between the outlaws and the innocent. How indeed would this be enforced short of a total police state. Gates understands that.

Felix Duque

I am very familiar with these things that are happening in Mexico. I used to live over there, and it is sad to know that the place that you grew up at, is now a war zone basically. I have family over there and I go visit them when I can, and let me tell you it is scary. The police cannot do anything, what can a police man do with old rusty gun, compared to the automatic weapons that the drug dealers carry, guns that they mainly got from Texas. That's right from Texas, if you don't believe me read the following article.

Anyways, about the corruption in Mexico, it has always been there, but I believe that before there was corruption because some of the police members did not care about ethics, they just wanted to get money, but I honestly believe that now it is more about life and death. If any local police officer shows any opposition, they will end up dead.

This is sad....

Dennis Elam


A good perspective. The guns are the derivative of the problem, any war zone be it Afghan, Iraq, Viet Nam spawns a black market in weapons. The problem is an unrealistic drug law and the inability to enforce it. I wrote a paper on drugs in 1968. Back then it was the Turkish and Greek police that were corrputed by the drug dealers as the stuff worked its way through the Mediterrean. It is the worst of both worlds for the rest of us here is why.
On the one hand the police get more funding, larger departements, etc to 'fight' drugs. This never works. On the other hand the drug lords pay the police to look the other way while landing various small dealers to show they are doing something.

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