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    In the last few years several local firms have been acquired, like the Hnake group, by national firms such as BKD.
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    Grant Thornton is one of the large national firms occupying the size ladder below the Big Four.l
  • Padgett Stratemann is now RMS
    As San Antonio becomes a bigger player in Texas Business, more national firms are entering this market. A national firm does not start from zero. RMS ( purchased Padgett. This gives the buyer a large client base to start with. Typically the local partners have made a handsome profit on their time at the firm. But seeking to recoup the investment, the buyer typically raises fees knowing some business will be lost. RMS has re located from North Loop 410 to 1604 and 281. Renee Foshee, a tax expert with the firm, is the current SA CPA Society President.
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    Terry Cleveland has addressed our students. Two of our graduates are employed with at this firm.
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    Weaver is one of the largest Texas based Accounting Firms.
  • Hill and Ford CPAs
    Kim Ford has addressed our students. She has expanded her practice from tax and write up to forensic investigation and court testimony.
  • Fisher Herbst and Kemble P. C.
    Bruce Howard who was on our Business Advisory Council was the Officer Manger for this firm.
  • Ridout Barrett CPAs
    Tony Ridout has visited and addressed our students many times. We have placed graduates with Ridout for several years.

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  • Aventine Hill Partners, Inc.
    Beth Hair CEO founded Aventine in San Antonio in 2009. The firm now has offices in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. She formerly was with RGP.
  • Resource Global Professionals
    Susan Hough has been to campus and spoken to our students. She is the San Antonio Manager of RGP. RGP and Aventine are not CPA firms. Instead they offer contract specialists for firms needing specific tasks such as compliance or Controllerships.

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    This Austin, TX based site was begun by an ex Texas State Professor.

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  • San Antonio Ragtimne Society
    This is an organization that sponsors the only annual Ragtime Festival in Texas. A TAMUSA student is an active member.
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San Antonio Ragtime Society

  • San Antonio Ragtimne Society
    This is an organization that sponsors the only annual Ragtime Festival in Texas. A TAMUSA student is an active member.


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April 23, 2007


Lupe Barraza

I say K.I.S.S. There is no need for Wal-Mart to continue building stores that are close driving distance from each other. They are too big of a retailer. I think more energy should be spent on improving the quality of the existing stores. Many of the stores are poorly staffed during rush hours, which makes them unappealing to shop in. I think the company is loosing focus of Walton's original serve the customer. I think they are in a market all their own and they should not feel pressured to compete with other retailers like Target...they simply serve a different market.

Jason Raper

A lot has been written lately about the middle-class becoming poorer. I wouldn't look to count Walmart out yet, and if anyone has the ability to track its cost down to the last cent, they can do it better than anyone.

My concern is that Target has gone into expansion mode until 2010. They are looking to double there amount of US stores in that time period. That typically means growing pains. With that much being invested in CAP-EX sometimes it takes a long time to see a good ROI; and the income statements take a hit for a while.

Walmart has somewhat written the US market off as a cash cow; according to some analyst's stories I have read lately in the WSJ. They seem to be focusing a lot of effort into China.

I think Lupe has a good point about them expanding to so many stores. Eventually you can hit a logistical gridlock and not benefit yourself by carrying too much FIXED cost and way too much Inventory Carrying Cost (ICC)....(you will hear them talk about this a lot with their cross-docking efforts)

Sometimes a company can focus too much on one area of their business and forget the rest. I cite Dell's current situation as an example. They focused too much on production and ops cost and kinda left the design element out...they should have integrated that into their TQM.


Jeffrey Burkholder

I think that WalMart will be fine. They come up with something every year or two to gain market share and put the competition in the red. From their introduction to groceries in the late 80's, to the lowereing of toy prices which crushed toy stores (Kay Bee and Toys "R" Us), to their current high-definition TV price wars (they sell flat panel for under $999, wal mart always seems to find a segment and dominate it. Curcuit City and Best Buy are in big trouble if you ask me. Walmart sells electronics and software at a better price, but with less selection.

Dennis Elam

WMT and Sam's are a lot alike to me, I would buy consumeables, something that I will use up but not a durable good like a tv. Actually I am not a WMT shopper any longer. I would buy say a bag of pistachio nuts at Sam's but not a computer, come to think of it, we just joined costco and I like it much better. You are right that they got market share going to groceries but the rate of increase is not what it was and so the stock is a mature industry. perhaps we should shutter the non performing stores, stop building new ones, and start paying a real dividend to shareholders with the profits

Dennis Elam

I guess the best comment I have read on discount stores, funny you don't hear that moniker much anymore, is this one. Perhaps Jeff Foxworthy will modify this for one of his famous, You know you're a redkneck if.....

A lady speaks on why she likes shopping at the Dollar Store, Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc

"The thing I like about shopping Family Dollar is that I don't have to get dressed up like I do to shop at Wal Mart...."

Hey, who says WMT isn't up market

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