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  • BKD
    In the last few years several local firms have been acquired, like the Hnake group, by national firms such as BKD.
  • Grant Thornton San Antonio
    Grant Thornton is one of the large national firms occupying the size ladder below the Big Four.l
  • Padgett Stratemann is now RMS
    As San Antonio becomes a bigger player in Texas Business, more national firms are entering this market. A national firm does not start from zero. RMS ( purchased Padgett. This gives the buyer a large client base to start with. Typically the local partners have made a handsome profit on their time at the firm. But seeking to recoup the investment, the buyer typically raises fees knowing some business will be lost. RMS has re located from North Loop 410 to 1604 and 281. Renee Foshee, a tax expert with the firm, is the current SA CPA Society President.
  • Turner Cleveland PC
    Terry Cleveland has addressed our students. Two of our graduates are employed with at this firm.
  • weaver CPA
    Weaver is one of the largest Texas based Accounting Firms.
  • Hill and Ford CPAs
    Kim Ford has addressed our students. She has expanded her practice from tax and write up to forensic investigation and court testimony.
  • Fisher Herbst and Kemble P. C.
    Bruce Howard who was on our Business Advisory Council was the Officer Manger for this firm.
  • Ridout Barrett CPAs
    Tony Ridout has visited and addressed our students many times. We have placed graduates with Ridout for several years.

Financial Consulting Firms

  • Aventine Hill Partners, Inc.
    Beth Hair CEO founded Aventine in San Antonio in 2009. The firm now has offices in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. She formerly was with RGP.
  • Resource Global Professionals
    Susan Hough has been to campus and spoken to our students. She is the San Antonio Manager of RGP. RGP and Aventine are not CPA firms. Instead they offer contract specialists for firms needing specific tasks such as compliance or Controllerships.

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    Learn about the accounting review mateirals!

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    :Published by the Council on Foreign Relations
  • Institute for the Study of War
    The Institute for the Study of War advances an informed understanding of military affairs through reliable research, trusted analysis, and innovative education. We are committed to improving the nation’s ability to execute military operations and respond to emerging threats in order to achieve U.S. strategic objectives. ISW is a non-partisan, non-profit, public policy research organization.
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    This Austin, TX based site was begun by an ex Texas State Professor.

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San Antonio Ragtime Society

  • San Antonio Ragtimne Society
    This is an organization that sponsors the only annual Ragtime Festival in Texas. A TAMUSA student is an active member.
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San Antonio Ragtime Society

  • San Antonio Ragtimne Society
    This is an organization that sponsors the only annual Ragtime Festival in Texas. A TAMUSA student is an active member.


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January 30, 2007


Jason Raper

I think that everytime Microsoft comes out with new software the world awaits because there is no other viable alternative. There is no REAL competition that people can go to and say...I no longer want to use Windows. Well let me rephrase that...there are alternatives, but unless you have a Computer Science may not want to attempt the strain.

Microsoft has always marketed their OS on the value that it is more user friendly than other systems. That strategy may have worked in the 80's and early 90's because the vast majority of us did not know what a computer hard drive even was at the time. That has obviously changed: My own 8-year old nephew can surf the internet and pirate software better than most of my work colleagues.

Bottom line: Maybe people are finally realizing that we are so dependent on Microsoft to run our daily lives. Maybe that needs to change, but who is going to step up? As most intelligent people have been saying for many years...why is there a monopoly being created and ignored by the federal government? Are we really resisting change or are we just ignoring complications? Where is the competion to drive the tailored needs of consumers. Its hard not to complain when there are no alternatives for comparison.

Dennis Elam

Actually Bill Clinton's government, at the behest of MSFT competitors who moved to Utah and Nevada and contributed to folks like Orrin Hatch, did sue MSFT. The result was to hasten the collapse of the NASD index from 5,000 to 1,200.It has now recovered to 2,300, less than half its 200 high, and MSFT cannot get much past 30 bucks even with a 30% NOI. Gee thanks Bill and Janet Reno, that really helped. MSFT is still beating back lawsuits in Europe.

To appreciate MSFT you have to go back to 1980 when there was no common anything and all computers had different languages. What a mess. I do not appreciate MSFT constant fiddling with their software.

Jeffrey Burkholder

I know for sure that I won't be rushing out anytime soon to purchase the new Vista operating system from Microsoft.I have the most recent version of Windows and am happy with the way it performs and functions right now. Learning a whole new system and its capabilities and how to do everything can be overwhelming if your not a computer science graduate. I do like some of the Apple products, but they too require you to learn a new system. The Ipods are pretty cool, but can break or stop working pretty easily. It will be interesting to see the response to the Vista product and how it performs.

Michelle W.

Quite honestly, I do not believe Vista will be as successful as MSFTOffice 2003. THe segment market may consist of people (baby boomers, for example)who are, for the most part, not very media forward (adaptive to new software). THe younger generations are more adaptive to technology developments and could be more receptive...yet Macintosh is working on recruiting these youngsters. The cost for businesses to adapt this new software may be quite significant...some employees as well may need additional training to operate the updated software (another cost). Files that have been saved in formats of Office 2003 will have to be converted to Vista format...the list goes on. Why could not have MSFT been more efficient in making Vista more feasible on user friendliness and not "remake" the OS.

Wacey P.

I disagree that you need a C.S. degree to use any OS besides Windows. The Mac OS X was definitely created with ease of use in mind for the end user. Easier so than Windows in my opinion (read the reviews on how many "new" features look eerily like the Mac). Even free Linux packages have come a long way to allow people with basic computer knowledge easily set them up (Ubuntu for instance). The only problem with Mac is the outrageous hardware costs.

The fact remains, if you want to stick with Windows you'll eventually be driven to Vista so why avoid it? Vista is now officially Microsoft's direction so you can bet your life Bill will herd the masses there like the mindless cow's they have become.

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