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January 29, 2007


Jason Raper

I think that the main focus in the USA right now is to clear up the War in Iraq. I am not an advocate of the war, primarily because I think our job there was done several months ago, but as most history professors will tell you...what is the easiest way to end an economic depression/recession? Go to war! It worked for Hitler and for Roosevelt both. I think that terroism was a scapegoat for a deeper economic issue. I think that the economy was the main focus and the main reason.

If we are to lose the war....and many are predicting another "Vietnam-like" pullout in Iraq, I think that in the eyes of many abroad they will view us as a weaker power than we may be. Maybe this is what the article is pointing out.

Furthermore, most if not all Pacific Rim countries appear to be destroying us in the technology realm. Why is that?

Since WWII we have done nothing but try to police the rest of the world; with little overall success. (Vietnam, Korea, Iraq) The article has a point...maybe we need to start focusing on us rather than everyone else. Apparently, they seem to be forgetting that we exist. That's not good. We need to be the center and leader for evey global conference. We need to be the global conference.

Dennis Elam


Pac Rim countries are good at producing electronic hardware but NOKIA a firm in finland has done well with phones, and the cell phone industry grew here, we did the iPod and iTunes, while Japan and Korea make great hardware, we make the software that goes in them, the Rolling Stones did $400M + on their last tour, the world will watch the Oscars from Hollywood, not Mumbai, and we built Disneyland in Japan and Europe and now Hong Kong. I agree that we can't police brush fire or guerilla wars, we only win WW II type engagements.


Guadalupe B

I think it is very interesting when I hear people say that we should worry about our own country and leave everyone else alone. America became the greatest country in the world because it worried about everyone else. True we may not be able to stop inevitable civil wars that have been going on since the beginning of time, but the US presence in the world as a leader does have a purpose. Like the Davos link says, no one else wants to do it. India and China are prospering economically because of us, but they don't want to lead like us. I seriously doubt that if the US stepped back and let the world police itself countries would "see the light" and start cleaning up after themselves. Just look at China, does half the ecosystem have to die off before they feel some sort of moral responsibility to adopt conservation reforms. The truth is someone has to stand up and say "I'll do it" and unless the world wants Venenzuela's Chavez to take the plate, since it would have to be a leader with such guts, then guess who has to continue doing the dirty work?

Jason Raper

I should rephrase: I am not an advocate of the war anymore. I do believe our original intention was good.

We seem to be able to stop oppossing armies, but not control the insurgients. It seems that these people are so radical that they will not stop until the opposition finally just quits. The Russians learned that in Afghanistan in the 80's. We quit in Vietnam we didn't lose that war. I think that the VC finally realized that since they were not a direct threat to our homeland....being that their army would not invade our soil w/o SEVERELY losing their back side.....if they can hang in long enough, upset enough American liberals, eventually we will pull out.

Let Iraq have their own Civil War...who cares...they need to govern themselves to begin with. If they ever get to the point that they start threatening us again....we go back and remind them whose boss...make them shut up....and leave.

Anyone heard from Kaddafi (sp?) in recent years? What about the Panamanians?

You are right though....this is the greatest country in the world...

Maybe we need to go remind the Venezulans about 1990 and the drug lord that ran the Panamanian gov't....I think that the US gov't probably threw the room away on him...not the just the key. Where is Noriega by the way? Maybe he is in France trying to run for office there. He would certainly fit in.

I love our military, but I think we learned our lesson in Vietnam already.

Dr Elam:

If you look at Demming's 14 points can you really say that the American Big 3 are really following his guide and still failing? Dr. Demming seemed so successful in both the US and Japan on implementing better quality control. Have we forgotten his teachings. What is the real underlying factor for the failure of the big your opinion?

Dennis Elam


We are getting a bit off point here and I don't want to be criticized for straying too far from the subject which is actually supply chain. However as a college vet of the viet nam era, believe me I understand that this is a topic that generates opinion. My point was, after the first Gulf War Sears hired the guy in charge of logistics for the Army that got everything there. Why can't the armed forces seem to get their supply chain working.

I will make a regular post on the blob about my opinion about the big three.

Good question.

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