The Great Depression

  • Benjamin Roth: The Great Depression: A Diary

    Benjamin Roth: The Great Depression: A Diary
    It's all here, times change people don't -the endless govt programs that fail to stimulate the private sector -the ups and downs of the economy, the veterans pension stimulates just as the housing credit did, until of course the money runs out -Roth is a attorney in Youngstown Ohio who kept a diary regarding the economy from 1930 until WW II breaks out, he is objective, candid, and forthright which is more than we get from Washington DC now or then highly recommended

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June 03, 2020


A.M. Putman

Hello Professor,
What do you think about SPXU at his level?
Also, TLT is getting weaker and weaker. Do you see another pop or do you think it will continue to fizzle out back to the $130s?

Markets: We hit the 3117.75 in the S&P futures. Most likely the market is taking a breather here before its final assent to 3130 level. If it keeps going past that, I too will be left scratching my head.

Dennis Elam

I think the FED has and all the bull market cheerleaders have pushed this to its limit. The SPX may have another notch higher. Indexes are probing the upper limit set yesterday but not reaching much positive territory so far. I agree.

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