The Great Depression

  • Benjamin Roth: The Great Depression: A Diary

    Benjamin Roth: The Great Depression: A Diary
    It's all here, times change people don't -the endless govt programs that fail to stimulate the private sector -the ups and downs of the economy, the veterans pension stimulates just as the housing credit did, until of course the money runs out -Roth is a attorney in Youngstown Ohio who kept a diary regarding the economy from 1930 until WW II breaks out, he is objective, candid, and forthright which is more than we get from Washington DC now or then highly recommended

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January 18, 2014


Stuart Davies

Hi Dennis, great charts and research as usual- thank you. I would like to point out one thing that may seem contrarian in the current environment and that is the fact that we have had two Zweig Breadth thrust events in this particular up leg. They are relatively rare events in any leg, up or down. Don't get me wrong, I do see the real need for a correction and my own breadth analysis pattern show a structure is concluding from the August 2011 low that could terminate soon with a move possibly down to the Feb 2011 breakout level during this year. (As likely a guesstimate as any I've seen). I think an open mind should be kept in light of the decade-long breakout attempt of the sideways pattern. We could see a re-test of the above mentioned level then a resumption of this leg upwards from there if that level holds. As unlikely as it seems, we should be watching what the tape prints and not what some pundits claim in either direction. The market has surprised the majority and will continue to do so. That is what makes it so interesting.

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