The Great Depression

  • Benjamin Roth: The Great Depression: A Diary

    Benjamin Roth: The Great Depression: A Diary
    It's all here, times change people don't -the endless govt programs that fail to stimulate the private sector -the ups and downs of the economy, the veterans pension stimulates just as the housing credit did, until of course the money runs out -Roth is a attorney in Youngstown Ohio who kept a diary regarding the economy from 1930 until WW II breaks out, he is objective, candid, and forthright which is more than we get from Washington DC now or then highly recommended

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June 27, 2013


Robert Takacs

Just as an example of the value in the mining sector and is similar to your prior GM example when GM was trading for less than cash value.

SSRI: silver minor with pristeen balace sheet trading at 40% of book value and below its cash in the bank. Over 6 bucks in cash and trading at 5.7 ish. Current ratio > 9 .

 Dennis Elam

Thanks Robert, a great post by another Market Perspective alert reader, I will check that out

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