The Great Depression

  • Benjamin Roth: The Great Depression: A Diary

    Benjamin Roth: The Great Depression: A Diary
    It's all here, times change people don't -the endless govt programs that fail to stimulate the private sector -the ups and downs of the economy, the veterans pension stimulates just as the housing credit did, until of course the money runs out -Roth is a attorney in Youngstown Ohio who kept a diary regarding the economy from 1930 until WW II breaks out, he is objective, candid, and forthright which is more than we get from Washington DC now or then highly recommended

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February 16, 2013


Farley Inglis

Dr. Dennis Elam,

It requires REAL 'Guts' to even mention a 'New Civil War'.

IF it does occur, I believe that it should be described as 'Between the HAVEs and HAVE-NOTs' ... (not between a 'race'-propaganda).

I suspect the Wal-Mart Story is REAL. $GASO-(Gasoline Spot Price) spiked 28-cents higher in the last 3 days of last week and these new higher prices have yet to reach the Consumer-Gas-Pump which could worsen the 'Wal-Mart Story'.

I was physically in Monterrey, Mexico in the Early-90s when the PESO was devalued 50% overnight !!!

Overnight, Gasoline Doubled-n-Price and business's everywhere refused to open. Most people found they had no job that day NOR did they have any idea when they might be able to return to work.

That same morning, I immediately began to arrange for auto-transportation back to the U.S. via Laredo, TX; I had $500.00-US-Cash-Dollars in my pocket which was a good thing in that environment. In the end, the Airport was able to remain open and I was able to exit Mexico via Houston on the 2nd day of the event.

In our 2nd-Admendment-U.S., I think there's a real possibility for CURRENCY-RESETs which could Crash Markets, Commodities and Precious Metals ... (essentially everything).

Otherwise, just use a little imagination for the alternative ... Hyperinflation.

Dennis Elam

You have misunderstood my metaphor, the New Civil War I refer to is underway right now, it pits open shop Carolina against Washington State, and open shop San Antonio against San Diego, yes the haves that can always afford to pay more against the growing why should I work class on AFDC, food stamps, and subsidized housing. There are three categories of states in the insurance exchange program for obama care, what a mess. The US Govt sues various states like AZ, the US Govt arbitrarily sues Gibson Guitar and now S & P, everyone is a target of their wrath.

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