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Dennis Elam is a tenured Associate Professor of Accounting at Texas A & M University San Antonio. He is involved in the following San Antonio organizations

Board Member San Antonio Institute of Internal Auditors
Board Member San Antonio Petroleum Accountants
Member Financial Executives International

Dennis Elam is a forty year veteran of the financial markets. He began his career in 1972 working for Ross Perot in the most extensive training program ever undertaken by a Wall Street firm. He was eyewitness to the crushing bear market of 1972-73 as the Dow Jones Industrials slid from 1,000 plus to 577 in two years. He re-entered the brokerage business in the early 1980s. After extensive study of technical analysis including the methods of Wells Wilder, Robert Prechter, John Murphy, and others, he opened his own securities office. He enjoyed considerable success trading fixed income markets for institutional clients. Extensive study of the markets has led to the importance of studying internal market dynamics rather than the often misleading but frequently quoted stock market indices.

He has written extensively on both fixed income and the oil markets for West Texas newspapers. He has provided television and radio commentary on economic markets.

Mr. Elam holds both BBA and MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. His PhD from UT Austin is in Leadership. His dissertation was on stakeholder attitudes towards non-profits.

He is available for presentations in the Central Texas area, contact by e mail